September 7, 2023

Pet Stain Removal: Why It Matters and 5 Essential Cleaning Tips

Learn why it's important to remove pet stains and how to do it with these 5 essential cleaning tips. This post covers the causes of pet stains, the different types of pet stains, and how to remove them from different surfaces.

Pet Stain Removal

Pets are wonderful. We love them, and they quickly become members of our families and fixtures in our family life in a way that only something wonderfully cute and furry can. However, pets are also hazards when it comes to our carpets. Pets and carpets tend not to get along very well if for no other reason than carpets are absorbent and pet urine likes absorbent places.

Indeed, pet odor removal is an important part of carpet cleaning because without taking the appropriate steps, it can be easy for your home to become a hotbed for smells and odors caused by your pet. 

The reasons you should worry about pet stain removal and pet urine removal are plentiful. Still, perhaps the most important thing to remember and consider as you work to keep your home free of smelly pet odors is that acting quickly is the best way to solve long-term problems. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

1. Pets tend to urinate in the same area multiple times, so if you find a spot where your pet has made a mess, act quickly to get the stain up and remove the odor. We all are aware that pets have particularly keen senses of smell, so getting that odor out fast is the best way to prevent your pet from doing more damage in the same spot again and again, despite your best efforts.

2. Urine crystallizes in your carpets after the liquid content of the urine evaporates. So, you are stuck with a smelly and yellow spot for a long time after the initial mess has been cleared up. The trouble here is that the urine crystals tend to seep down deep into your carpet so that in the worst cases, your floorboards are even smelly. This requires serious work, like carpet replacement and odor-blocking shellacs placed on every layer of your floor. 

3. Your floorboards might get damaged permanently if you fail to call in professional pet odor removal experts. Because urine crystals spread and migrate while in the liquid form and because pets tend to urinate in the same places again and again, you will find that the urine from your pets seeps past your carpet and into the flooring of your home, moving along the wood like a small creature. This means that in the very worst cases, your home will always smell like pet urine unless you replace your floorboard. Don’t let your pet-induced carpet cleaning issues get this far. Instead, make the preemptive strike against your pets. Take the right course of action and make your home smell fresh once again by calling in the experts to deal with your pet odor removal issues until it is too late.

Here are five tips for pet stain cleaning that you should put to use

Get it early. 

The first thing you want to be sure of when it comes to pet stain cleaning is that you get it early.  The more time the pet's urine has to sit on the carpet, the more it will sink it, and the more difficult it will be to clean.  If your animal goes to the bathroom on your carpet or floor, make sure you get it right away.

Soak it up first, then clean. 

Before embarking on your carpet cleaning, make sure you first soak up the pet urine, using either a towel or paper towels.  This will help you ensure that you don’t simply mix the urine around and spread it to other areas of your carpet.  After doing such, then clean.

Hire the professionals. 

If the pet urine smell is too strong, you should consider hiring a professional carpet cleaner. They will have the proper knowledge and equipment to ensure the area is cleaned properly.  This will help you eliminate the odor permanently.

Use carbonated water/cleaner. 

One thing that you should use is carbonated cleaner products. The carbonation works to break up the pet urine crystals so they can be removed from the carpet effectively and permanently.

Rip up the carpet/flooring if necessary. 

The final tip is that if, even after you have cleaned the area multiple times, the smell remains, you must be willing to rip up the carpet or flooring.  The pet urine can get into the parts of your floor underneath your flooring or carpet, which keeps the smell trapped.  Cleaning those areas is a must if your pet continually uses the same spot to go to the bathroom.

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