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Move-In & Move-Out Cleaning Service in College Park, Atlanta

Embarking on a new journey can be both exhilarating and overwhelming. As you prepare to move into a new space or bid farewell to a beloved home, let Spot it Cleaning be your trusted companion in ensuring a seamless transition.

Our move in/out cleaning service in College Park isn't just about tidying up; it's about embracing the emotions tied to new beginnings.

Who We Are

Spot it Cleaning isn't just another cleaning service; we're your partners in the emotions that come with moving – excitement, nostalgia, and anticipation.

Our team isn’t just about cleaning; we're here to ease your transition by creating a clean and welcoming space for your next chapter.

How We Work

Imagine stepping into your new home, greeted by a sparkling, fresh space ready for new memories. That's what we aim for.

Whether moving in or moving out, our approach involves meticulous cleaning tailored to your specific needs.

We don't just dust and wipe; we infuse care into every corner, ensuring a spotless and inviting environment.

At Spot it Cleaning, we understand the significance of this moment.

We're not just cleaning; we're preparing a canvas for your new experiences and ensuring a farewell that leaves your old home pristine and welcoming for its new occupants.

Why Us

Partner with us to make your move a smoother and more emotional experience:

Emotion-Driven Cleaning:

Each cleaning session is executed with empathy, understanding the emotions tied to your move.

Detailed Cleanliness:

From forgotten corners to overlooked nooks, we leave no space untouched, ensuring a thorough cleaning experience.

Customized for Your Needs:

Whether it's moving in or moving out, our cleaning methods are tailored to suit your requirements.

A Fresh Start:

Moving into a spotless home sets the stage for new beginnings, while leaving a clean home behind is a gracious farewell.

Reliability and Compassion:

Rely on us for consistent, reliable service that acknowledges the emotions tied to moving.


  • When should I schedule move in/out cleaning?

We recommend scheduling cleaning right before moving in or after moving out to ensure a fresh start.

  • Can you handle specific cleaning requests or areas?

Absolutely! We tailor our services to cater to your specific cleaning needs and preferences.

  • Do you bring your own cleaning supplies?

Yes, we come fully equipped with high-quality cleaning supplies and tools for a thorough clean.

  • Is your team trained for move in/out cleaning?

Yes, our experienced team is well-versed in move in/out cleaning protocols, delivering professional and meticulous service.

  • How long does the cleaning process take?

The duration varies based on the size and condition of the space, but we prioritize thoroughness without compromising efficiency.

Ready to embrace your new chapter with a fresh start?

Choose Spot it Cleaning’s Move In/Out Cleaning Service in College Park.

Contact us today and experience the ease and emotional support we bring to your moving journey.

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Scope Of Work

All Rooms

• Cobwebs Removed
• Dust Fans that can be reached on a 3 step ladder
• Wet Wipe Fans that can be reached on a 3 step ladder
• Dust Blinds
• Clean Inside Windows
• Wipe Window Sills
• Dust Light Fixtures
• Wet Wipe Light Fixtures
• Clean Inside Closets
• Dust All Shelving
• Wet Wipe All Shelving
• Woodwork/Doors dusted
• Woodwork/Doors wet wiped
• Clean and Disinfect Light Switches
• Dust Baseboards
• Wet Wipe Baseboards
• Vacuum Floors
• Mop all Hard Surface Floors

• Appliance Exteriors Cleaned
• Cabinet Exterior Cleaned
• Cabinet Interior Vacuumed
• Cabinet Interior Wet Wiped
• Inside Drawers Vacuumed
• Inside Drawers Wet Wiped
• Clean Backsplash
• Clean Inside and Outside of Microwave
• Clean Countertop
• Polish all Stainless Steel
• Clean and Polish Pink
• Cabinet Exterior Cleaned
• Interior Oven (additional price ($25)
• Interior Refrigerator additional price ($25)

• Cabinet Exteriors Cleaned
• Cabinet Interiors Vacuumed
• Cabinet Interiors Wet Wiped
• Clean and Disinfect Toilet (make sure to reach behind and get the sides)
• Clean and Scrub Shower Head
• Clean and Scrub Shower and Shower Head Hose
• Clean and Scrub Soap Holder
• Clean and Scrub Shower Walls
• Clean and Scrub and Showers Doors
• Clean and Disinfect Bathtub
• Clean and Disinfect Sinks
• Clean and Disinfect Countertop
• Clean and Disinfect Light Switches

You deserve a clean space. get your quote today!

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